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The analysis of my dietary and exercise routine was exceptional. It helped me improve my performance in triathlon races significantly. It brought the concept of “ fuel the body right and perform better” to a new level. At the same time the in depth explanations provided me with a solid understanding of the theory. Thank you!

Frank U.

Nutrition Education Client

New Program – CyberWise

To promote responsible digital citizenship, or how we present ourselves and interact online, our Center has developed a new program entitled CyberWise.

Technology and the digital world is a continually growing part of everyday life, especially for students.  CyberWise provides children and teens with an interactive, educational approach to learning the appropriate and effective use of technology.  The program focuses on the “Three C’s of Digital Citizenship”: appropriate content, conduct and contact.  This program teaches about the everlasting nature of the internet and delves into digital etiquette, cyberbullying and how to deal with strangers online.  Utilizing a multi-media presentation, audience response technology and interactive activities, participants will gain valuable knowledge, leaving the presentation with an understanding of how to be responsible digital citizens.

CyberWise is available for classroom delivery.  CyberWise is also available as a parenting program for businesses and organizations wishing to educate adults on cyber issues and how to communicate with their children about them.

To learn more about or to schedule CyberWise for your school or organization, please contact Jamie Reisinger at jreisinger@byrneshec.org or by calling 717.848.3064 x249.

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