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The analysis of my dietary and exercise routine was exceptional. It helped me improve my performance in triathlon races significantly. It brought the concept of “ fuel the body right and perform better” to a new level. At the same time the in depth explanations provided me with a solid understanding of the theory. Thank you!

Frank U.

Nutrition Education Client

In-Service Programs

In-Service Programs

The Byrnes Health Education Center In-Service programs designed for teachers, aides, nurses, administrators, and the business community.

Bullying: In-Service
90 Min.
This program for teachers discusses strategies to help recognize and address bullying. Provides the opportunity to review the school district policy on bullying.

Drugs 101: What Teachers Need to Know
60 Min. or 120 Min.
This adult-only community program provides school personnel with current and factual information regarding teenage drug abuse with a mock locker scene. The information in this program assists in identifying signs of drug abuse and empowers discussion on the dangers of drugs with students. This program will focus on the signs, symptoms, and current trends in the abuse of tobacco, alcohol, inhalants, and then your choice of three of the following: cocaine, ecstasy, heroin, marijuana, medicine abuse, methamphetamines, and/or synthetic drugs.

True Colors: In-Service
120 Min.
The focal point of this program is understanding basic concepts related to personality differences. Participants are engaged by “coloring” themselves according to the different personality types. Determining one’s own personality traits and understanding the traits of others lays the foundation for learning how to incorporate teamwork and group activities in the classroom. Knowing how each student learns best, by recognizing their basic traits, will assist teachers in having a more dynamic and cohesive classroom.