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The analysis of my dietary and exercise routine was exceptional. It helped me improve my performance in triathlon races significantly. It brought the concept of “ fuel the body right and perform better” to a new level. At the same time the in depth explanations provided me with a solid understanding of the theory. Thank you!

Frank U.

Nutrition Education Client

Wellness Programs

Wellness Programs

The Byrnes Health Education Center’s Wellness Programs are designed for diverse businesses and community organizations.  We offer programs in areas such as safety, team building, stress management, and more, and we are able to tailor each program to meet the unique needs of your business or organization.

To learn more about scheduling a Wellness Program, contact Marguerite Ferrara.

Braveheart (General Health | Cardiovascular Risk Reduction)
60 Min.

This program will help participants identify personal risks for heart disease and stroke. In addition, participants will learn the questions to ask the doctor about heart health and screenings and understand ways to control high cholesterol/blood pressure.

CyberWise (General Health)
60 Min.
Focuses on digital citizenship and the “three C’s” of good digital citizenship including appropriate content, conduct, and contact. Participants will learn about the everlasting nature and potential consequences of actions online. This program emphasizes the principles of engaging positively, knowing one’s online world, and choosing consciously in order to be a responsible digital citizen.

Driven to Distraction (Safety)
60 Min.
Designed to raise awareness about the dangers of distracted driving, participants of this program will be given a chance to participate in a driving simulator experience. Other topics include types of distractions, distracted driving laws, and ways to curb distracted driving.

Eating on the Run (Fitness & Nutrition | Practical Nutrition)
60 Min.
Provides participants with tips for helpful time-saving meal preparation. Includes meal-in-a-minute: quick and healthy recipes for the whole family, including tips for getting kids to eat healthy foods and how to survive the fast-food drive-thru window. Learn your restaurant rights and healthy tips for dining out.

Healthy Happy Holidays (Stress Management)
60 Min.
Examines how to put a wrap on holiday stress and deal with the holiday “four f-words”: food, family, finances, and friction. Learn how to avoid holiday weight gain and practice a holiday relaxation technique for anyone, anytime.

Heroin: The Wakeup Call (Drug Awareness)
60 Min.
Designed to inform participants about the heroin epidemic in our country, state, and region. Adults will learn factual information about what heroin does to the body and how prescription drug abuse can lead to heroin abuse.

Jumpstart Your Heart (General Health)
60 Min.
Incorporates all of the information from the Braveheart program with the addition of a physical activity component.

Move It Like You Mean It (Safety | Back Injury Prevention)
60 Min.

Explore the basic anatomy of the spine and common causes of back injury and muscle strain. Participants will be provided tips for prevention, proper sitting, standing, sleeping, and lifting as well as learn stretches for a healthy back, shoulders, arms, and wrists.

Sugar Shockers (Fitness & Nutrition)
60 Min.
Demonstrates the prominent role that sugar plays in today’s food culture. Adults will learn how to measure and convert the grams and teaspoons of sugar in popular sweetened snacks and beverages.

Super Smart Shopper (Fitness & Nutrition | Nutrition as a Consumer)
60 Min.

This program examines the psychology of grocery store design. Participants will get simple tips for convenient shopping as well as learn how to understand the food label lingo, and learn tips to get the biggest bang for the buck.

Suspending Stress (Stress Management | Relaxation Techniques)
60 Min.

Participants will learn practical and proven techniques to calm the mind and body. Explore and experience these techniques during the program, and learn how to create a relaxing atmosphere at home and at work.

Swimming with the Sharks (Stress Management | Communication Skills) 60 Min.
Learn how to deal with difficult people and identify your personal communication styles. This program will focus on the elements of assertive communication and the importance of nonverbal
communication. In addition, participants will learn how to create a positive workplace and increase customer satisfaction by building better personal and professional relationships.

The T.E.N. Program (Fitness & Nutrition | Tips for Exercise and Nutrition)
60 Min.

Consists of ten, one-hour sessions designed to increase personal knowledge of healthy eating and the basics of physical fitness through discussion and activity. This program explores personal behavioral changes that contribute to good nutrition and fitness.

True Colors: Working Together (Team Building | Personality and Communication)
60 Min.

The focal point of this program is understanding basic concepts related to personality differences. Participants are engaged by “coloring” themselves according to the different personality types. Determining one’s own personality traits and understanding the traits of others lays the foundation for learning how to incorporate team building and adult bullying prevention in the workplace.

What’s Your Over/Under: Do you Know Your Numbers? (Fitness & Nutrition)
60 Min.
Discusses blood pressure, cholesterol, Body Mass Index and waist circumference and how they relate to your risk for heart disease and other chronic conditions.

What’s Your Over/Under and Up (Fitness & Nutrition)
60 Min.
This program reviews important numbers to know including blood pressure, BMI, and cholesterol. It also stresses the importance of physical activity and explains the fundamentals of physical fitness and demonstrates basic exercises designed to increase fitness.

What’s Your Over/Under and Down (Fitness & Nutrition)
60 Minutes
This program reviews nutrition basics to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  The program will explain how calorie expenditure works as well as the difference between healthy fats and unhealthy fats.