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Our partnership with the Byrnes Health Education Center has afforded our Academy students the ability to learn how the “Body Works” through innovative, hands-on activities. Their interaction with our elementary students enables them to absorb this important material, from experts in the field, in a way that incorporates fun and learning. Thanks Byrnes Staff!

Deborah Ayers

LIU 12


Our History

In 1988, Susan P. Byrnes R.N. made a decision to devote her life to the prevention of premature deaths through unhealthy lifestyle choices.

In 1989, with support from hundreds of dedicated business professionals, healthcare providers, educators, parents and organizations that sustain our communities every day, the Central PA Health Education Center was incorporated.

In 1995, after six years of planning and preparation, the bright red doors of the newly dedicated and renamed, Susan P. Byrnes Health Education Center, were opened to the children and citizens of Central PA and Northern MD.

What began as two teaching theaters in a refurbished, downtown, historic car dealership site has blossomed into today’s 20,000 sq. ft. home with five teaching theaters and over fifty specialized educational offerings that include regional outreach programs. Children throughout the U.S. and over 165 countries around the world now utilize our health educational tools through our eLearning programs. The business community provides customized, educational programs to employees and their families through our corporate wellness works division.

One nurse’s dream, to educate children and adults of all ages about the wonders of their incredible bodies and inspire people to build a life of healthy lifestyle choices has now reached over 7 million people. The dream continues…

heartTo learn more about our founder’s story, check out her book, Giving from the Heart