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Our students and teachers benefit from engaging and meaningful wellness-based learning experiences provided by the Byrnes Health Education Center.  The Center’s programming is relevant and focused on present-day issues that meet the wellness needs of our students and community while supporting our teachers’ and district’s goal of impacting our learners in the classroom today and beyond.

Dr. Robert L. Walker


Kreutz Creek Elementary School

Eastern York School District

Board of Directors/Staff

Meet Our Team

Board of Directors

Stephen M. Altland, 1st Vice Chair
G. Fred Artman
Alyson Bucks
John M. Bush, D.D.S.
Susan P. Byrnes, Founder
Casey Conroy
Pinal Desai
Michael Enriquez, 2nd Vice Chair
Cara W. Fry
Natalie G. Fuhrman, Treasurer
David B. Goode, Jr.
Colin Heap
Andrew C. Herrold
Richard D. Holberg
Ann Hughes
Suzanne McConkey
Crawford McFerran
Patricia A. Martin
Richard Migash
Ann H. Moffitt, Chair
Debra K. Simon
Alice S. Sloan
Wayne R. Umland, Past Chair
Lisa Winer
Patricia Zwergel

Advisory Board

Lori Abels, D.O.
Chris Baldrige
Andrea Berry, Ed.D.
Raymond T. Cameron
Chad M. Clabaugh
Christine Heine, Ed.D.
Nancy Klahold
Mary Ellen Martin
Alan D. Moose
William J. Scott, III
Susan Seiple, Ed.D
Thomas Shorb, Esquire
Brenda Singal, M.D.
Michael S. Snell, Ed.D.
Lori J. Stollar, Ed.D.
Jefrey R. Woodall


Anne E. Bahn, President & CEO
Jamie Reisinger, Vice President of Education Services
Nikole Tome, MPH, CHES, Director of Curriculum and Assessment
Betsy Buckingham, Director of Development
Gian N. Walker, Director of Marketing
Humera Proctor, eLearning Project Manager
Marguerite Ferrara, Assistant Director of Education Services/Corporate Wellness
Phyllis March, Administrative Assistant
Joan Klinke , Administrative Assistant
Nicole Angeli, Health Educator
Jane Conrad, Health Educator
Eric Flick, Health Educator
Holly Herbert, Health Educator
Sharla Scotten, MPH, Health Educator
Heather Rotella, eLearning Instructional Designer
Angel Martinez, Maintenance