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The analysis of my dietary and exercise routine was exceptional. It helped me improve my performance in triathlon races significantly. It brought the concept of “ fuel the body right and perform better” to a new level. At the same time the in depth explanations provided me with a solid understanding of the theory. Thank you!

Frank U.

Nutrition Education Client

Board of Directors/Staff

Byrnes HEC Board of Directors and Staff


Board of Directors

Stephen M. Altland
G. Fred Artman
Patrick Brubaker
John M. Bush, DDS
Susan P. Byrnes, Founder
Todd R. Chronister
Casey Conroy
Michael Enriquez, FACHE
Cara W. Fry
Natalie G. Fuhrman, Treasurer
David B. Goode, Jr.
Richard D. Holberg
Suzanne L. McConkey
Daniel P. McGannon
Patricia A. Martin
Julie Miksit
Ann H. Moffitt, 1st Vice Chair
Debra K. Simon
Alice S. Sloan
Wayne R. Umland, Chair
Jefrey R. Woodall, DBA
Patricia Zwergel

Anne E. Bahn
President and CEO


Advisory Board

Raymond T. Cameron
Beverly G. Glatfelter
David L. Hawk, M.D.
Christine Heine, Ed.D.
Eric B. Holmes, Ed.D.
Nancy A. Klahold
Michael E. Kochenour
Brian E. Kreeger
Sarah Lanphier
Mary Ellen Martin
Andrea L. Cote Molitoris
Mary Elizabeth Muir, Ed.D.
William J. Scott, III
Brenda Singal, M.D.
Michael S. Snell, Ed.D.
Lori J. Stollar, Ed.D.

Staff Members

Anne E. Bahn, President & CEO
Jamie Reisinger, Director of Education Services
Marguerite Ferrara, Assistant Director of Education Services/Corporate Wellness
Nikole Tome, MPH, CHES, Ass’t Director of Education Services/Program Evaluation and Metrics
Debi Dwyer Beshore, Manager of Development and Communications
Humera Proctor, eLearning Project Manager
Carol Hovis, Health Educator
Tyler Anderson, Health Educator
Nicole Angeli, Health Educator
Holly Herbert, Health Educator
Heather Rotella, eLearning
Randall Ream, Facility Coordinator
Phyllis March, Administrative Assistant
Joan Klinke, Administrative Assistant