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Our students and teachers benefit from engaging and meaningful wellness-based learning experiences provided by the Byrnes Health Education Center.  The Center’s programming is relevant and focused on present-day issues that meet the wellness needs of our students and community while supporting our teachers’ and district’s goal of impacting our learners in the classroom today and beyond.

Dr. Robert L. Walker


Kreutz Creek Elementary School

Eastern York School District

2019-2020 Puberty Parenting Programs Announced

The Byrnes Health Education Center has announced the 2019-2020 Puberty Parenting Programs that are held at The Center, located at 515 S. George Street in York, PA.

Four types of programs are offered at The Center – Girls & Moms, Boys & Dads, Girls Puberty Program for Special Learners and Boys Puberty Program for Special Learners. All programs focus on puberty, the natural changes that occur during adolescence and are presented by Byrnes’ Health Educators.

These programs offer the topic of puberty in a relaxed and comforting environment where by parent/guardian and child have the ability to learn from our exceptionally qualified health educators and discuss the natural changes that occur during adolescence. Subject matter includes stages of human development, the major events of puberty, reproductive system basics and for the girls we also discuss the menstrual cycle.

Our Puberty Programs for Special Learners is designed for students living with Autism, Down Syndrome, learning disabilities and developmental delays. Programs contain biological, social and behavioral components about puberty. This program is presented to boys and girls separately.

Cost to attend is $14 per person and each session is from 6PM-8PM. To register please call 717-848-3064 or sign-up via our website. Please find our event schedule listed below.

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